Prairie Environmental Network, Saskatoon

Post & Wire, Saskatchewan. Photo: Flickr

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The meeting of the Prairie Environmental Network is an informal workshop allowing for brief research presentations followed by extended discussions and feedback. The presentations and discussions will take place on Saturday followed by dinner. On Sunday morning, workshop attendees will have the chance to attend a field trip. This workshop will be a great opportunity to learn about fascinating research projects from across the prairies.

NiCHE Prairie Environment Network Workshop Schedule

Unless otherwise stated we will be meeting in the Board of Governors Board Room in the Peter Mackinnon Building.

Saturday, April 26th

Noon: Lunch at Marquis Hall

1-1:30: Lightning Presentations

1:30-3: Session 1

Alwynne Beaudoin, “‘The Wintery West Extends His Blast’: Bison and Winter in the Northern Great Plains.”

George Colpitts, ʺWildlife and Settled Places in the Post-War Period: The Case Study Offered in the 1952-56 Alberta Rabies Crisis.ʺ

Matt Todd, ʺEnvironmental Perception and the Final Frontier: Narratives of Environment in Star Trek the Original Seriesʺ

3-3:30: Coffee Break

3:30-5: Session 2

Geoff Cunfer, ʺSustainable Farm Systems: Long-Term Socio-Ecological Metabolism in Western Agriculture.ʺ

Alec Aitken, “Geoarchaeological Investigations of Early Middle Period (7.5-5.0 ka BP) sites, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.”

Jessica DeWitt, “’Nearby and Natural’: Stretching the Definition of Nature in Ontario’s Bronte Creek Provincial Park and Pennsylvania’s Point State Park.”

5-6: Marley Waiser, ʺWascana Creek, SK: An Ecosystem at Risk.ʺ

6:30: Dinner at Winston’s Pub

Sunday, April 27th

10am-noon: Fieldtrip to Wanuskewin Heritage Park led by Ernie Walker

Please note that admission into Wanuskewin Heritage Park is $5.50 per person.

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