Environmental Histories of Ontario: Special Issue of Ontario History Journal

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The Ontario Historical Society (OHS) is excited to announce the launch of the Autumn 2020 special issue of Ontario History journal on Environmental History. The issue, coedited by George Warecki and Thorold J. Tronrud, includes these six new peer reviewed articles. In support of COVID-19 research, the OHS is pleased to provide temporary free online access to the issue with digital scholarly publisher Érudit through December 2020.

Print copies of this special issue are available for $25 each (includes postage). Please email ohs@ontariohistoricalsociety.ca to order. Makes a great gift!

Ontario History is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that is published bi-annually by The Ontario Historical Society. Ontario’s premier history journal, it discusses a wide variety of topics relating to the province’s past.

Articles cover a wide range of historical subjects including, but not exclusive to, politics, intellectual history, First Nations, gender history, business, urban themes, agriculture, archaeology, military history, biography, recreation, architecture, religion, and ethnic history.

In 1899, The Ontario Historical Society published the first issue of Ontario History, then titled Papers and Records. What began primarily as an effort to preserve important documentary sources has evolved over the past century to become today’s scholarly peer-reviewed journal, publishing new research and scholarship on topics related to all aspects of Ontario’s diverse heritage.

For more information about the journal, please visit the Ontario History webpage.

Feature Photo: Spraying fruit trees with horse-powered spray jig near Ayr in southwestern Ontario c.1910. Source: Robinson Studio Photographs Fonds F4592-7, H-1015, Archives of Ontario.

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