Virtual Roundtable – In the Midst of History: Reflections from Influenza Historians

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*Read “What Difference Does a Century Make? Pandemic Responses to Influenza and COVID-19” by Magda Fahrni & Esyllt Jones

Feature Image: St. Louis Red Cross Motor Corps on duty Oct. 1918 Influenza epidemic. Library of Congress. LC-DIG-ds-01290.

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Magda Fahrni & Esyllt Jones

Magda Fahrni is Professeure agrégée, Département d'histoire, Université du Québec à Montréal. Esyllt Jones is Professor of History at the University of Manitoba. They are the editors of Epidemic Encounters: Influenza, Society, and Culture in Canada, 1918-20 (UBC Press, 2012).

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