Call for New Scholars Participants: Canada and the World

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Hello New Scholars!

I am currently in the process of arranging our first digital meeting  in the next few weeks. It is going to cover themes of Canadian environmental history and the world. As someone who is working on a transnational, comparative project and as a scholar working on Canada but not in Canada, I would like to discuss one or a few topics that fall under the umbrella of “Canada and the world.” I have tried fruitlessly to narrow this theme down to one topic, and so I thought I might put it to you, the New Scholars community, so you could let me know what interests you.

Some possible themes are:

  1. The challenges of working in Canada but not on Canada
  2. The challenges of working on Canada but not in Canada
  3. The problems and challenges of confining environmental history within national borders
  4. Using work from other regions of the globe more effectively when writing Canadian environmental history
  5. Producing Canadian environmental history in dialogue with environmental history from other regions

Please let me know which topics, if any, appeal to you, and if you would like to join in the first discussion. If you have other ideas you would like to discuss that address this theme, please let me know that, too.  My email is

When we have enough responses, I will send out a Doodle poll, and we can schedule a time to meet.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Robynne Mellor

PhD Candidate at Georgetown University
I received my PhD from Georgetown University and am currently working as a historical consultant at Sunmount Consulting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I study the intersection of environmental history and the Cold War, with a focus on uranium mining in the United States, Canada, and the Soviet Union.

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