Canadian Institute of Forestry announces new Forest History Intern.

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The Canadian Institute of Forestry is pleased to welcome Rebecca Launchbury as an intern.

Rebecca worked as an intern with the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) this past summer, and she recently completed her Master of Forest Conservation at the University of Toronto. She is excited to join the team once again as the extension project specialist.

During her tenure, Rebecca will:

  • Find, write and coordinate articles for the ‘Old Growth’ column in The Forestry Chronicle journal
  • Develop a new national Forest History e-newsletter (first targeted for April)
  • Improve and maintain the Institute’s portal Forest History website
  • Develop social and multi-media Forest History content for Facebook, YouTube (CIFTube), Twitter
  • Find and apply to funding opportunities relating to all aspects of forest history
  • Help to coordinate a forest history theme issue of The Chronicle within the year
  • Develop the concept for the Petawawa Research Forest visitor centre, to be converted to a forest history museum

Rebecca can be reached at:

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David Brownstein is the Principal of Klahanie Research Ltd ( He is also a longstanding UBC sessional instructor, and the continuing co-ordinator of NiCHE's "The Canadian Forest-History Preservation Project" (still facilitating archival donations after 11 years).

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