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Ship Journals, 1815 in New Brunswick Royal Gazette, 30 June 1816

1816 06 30, NB RG, Remarkable PhenomenonAbridged Transcript:
~ Extract from the Journals of the Hon. East India Company ships, Fairlie and James Sibbald, on their passage to Calcutta, in 1815.

On the 1st October, our lat. At noon, was 13 35 south, long. 34 00 east: we observed a quantity of stuff floating on the surface of the water, and which had to us the appearance of seaweed, but were quite astonished to find it burnt cinders, evidently volcanic. The sea was covered with it during the next two days….


New Brunswick Royal Gazette, 11 May 1816

1816 05 11, NB RG, The Season_Page_1Abridged Transcript:
The Spring, which has just closed, has proved as unpromising to the Farmer as any ever known in this country; and as the two preceding years have been unfavorable to the pursuits of agriculture, many appear inclined to abandon farming altogether; …. Many indeed are at present distressed on account of the loss of their last year’s crop…. If there are any Farmers among us that are discouraged and desirous to remove, they should first consider that this is not the only country that is liable to bad seasons, the eastern States have felt them as well as this Province, and Canada, which is a fine grain country, has for a few years back suffered much from bad seasons; the last year there was a snow storm in that country the 20th of May, and frost the 7th of August, which hurt the wheat crop very much. … [T]he necessity there is for those who have any spare seed of any description, to part with it to their needy neighbors on easy terms, so as to enable them to get in a crop.


New Brunswick Royal Gazette, 17 February 1817

1817 02 17, NB RG, Act to prohibit export of grainAbridged Transcript:
An Act to prohibit the exportation of Corn, Meal, Flour and Potatoes, out of the Province for a limited time.
Passed the 17th February, 1817.

Wherefore it is expedient under the present circumstances, owing to the failure of the late crops, to prohibit the exportation of any sort of Corn, Meal or Flour, and other articles made thereof, and of Potatoes from any part of this Province.

1. Be it therefore enacted by the President, Council and Assembly, That from and after the passing of this Act, and until the end of four months to be accounted from the same, it shall not be lawful for any person or persons to export in any Ship, Vessel or Boat, from any part of this Province, the necessary Stores and Provisions for such Ship, Vessel or Boat excepted, any Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats or any Meal, Flour or Bread or Biscuit made thereof, or any Potatoes.


New Brunswick Royal Gazette, 25 February 1817

1817 02 25, NB RG, Leg report re poor needsAbridged Transcript:
… The Committee of the House appointed to inquire into the necessities of the Inhabitants of the Province occasioned by the failure of the last Crop, beg leave to report, that the Committee have attended to the business referred to them, and from a careful examination of the subject, are of opinion that Legislative aid will be required to alleviate the same. They therefore submit to the House the following sums as necessary to relieve the wants of the several Counties: —
City and County of Saint John, £1000
Charlotte county, £750
York, £1000
Northumberland, £1000
Sunbury, £500
Queen’s, £300
King’s, £750
Westmorland, £500
£5,800 …


New Brunswick Royal Gazette, 15 March 1817

1817 03 15, NB RG, regulating assize of bread copyAbridged Transcript:
At a Special Session of the Peace holders at the County Court House in Fredericton in and for the County of York, on the Saturday the 5th day of April 1817, for the Purpose of regulating the ASSIZE of BREAD in the town of Fredericton….

Ordered that from Wednesday the 9th inst. the ASSIZE of BREAD be as follows: — viz.

The Shilling Wheaten Loaf to weigh Two Pounds Four Ounces, and the Shilling Rye Loaf to weigh Three Pounds Six Ounces; and other Loaves in proportion. …


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