Transnational Ecologies Project

photo: Philip Bouchard

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Transnational Ecologies works to deepen communication concerning migrations, movements, and circulation of flora and fauna, environmental knowledge, and ‘natural’ commodities. Our first major initiative focused on migratory birds and the goal of connecting communities through the species they share. Our continuing aim is to improve societal understanding of the complex ecological, historical, cultural, and colonial meanings of translocal and transnational ‘nature’.

Our members have many interests, including critical and participatory geographies, public historical research, material culture, aural methodologies and the history of ecology, and we are eager to support and involve other projects with an emphasis on transnational ecologies. We welcome new input and ideas.

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Past Events / Événements:
Translocal Ecologies Workship Compendium (2011)
Rethinking the Great White North (2008)
Public Lectures (2007 – )

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Signs of the Season Photo Contest (2010)
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Funding / Financement:
SSHRC Strategic Research Clusters Grant, 2007-14