Teaching Materials / Matériel d’enseignement

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Integrated Database in Environmental History of Canada, an online resource provided by the Canada Research Chair in the Environmental History of Québec.

Environmental History Bibliography at the Forest History Society, a searchable database with 40,000+ citations.

The Syllabus Project: Diversifying the Environmental History Syllabus

The Canadian Encyclopedia, in English and in French.

Teaching Modules:

Teaching Environmental History: Canada in Context, a collection of 8 online open-access teaching modules featuring journal articles, primary sources, audio/video content, and discussion questions.

Canada’s Year Without Summer, an online primary source collection on climate history and the consequences of the 1815 eruption of  the Tambora volcano.

Teaching Environmental History, a collection of teaching modules from the journal Environmental History.





Northern Exposures: Canada & The Environment (Claire Campbell, Bucknell University, revised 2019)

Rivers of North America, North American Environmental History  (Claire Campbell, Bucknell University, revised 2019)

The Flint Water Crisis (Daniel Macfarlane, Western Michigan University, 2018)

Seminar: Islands and Coastlines (Claire Campbell, Bucknell University, 2016)

Environmental History (Tina Adcock, Simon Fraser University, 2015)

West, Cowboys, Nature, Myth (Claire Campbell, History, and Rebecca Meyers, Film & Media Studies, Bucknell University, 2015)

North American Environmental History (Sean Kheraj, York University, 2015)

Climate of the Past, Present, & Future (Alan MacEachern, History, Western University, 2015)

Climate Change in History (Sean Munger, History, University of Oregon, 2015)

Canada from 1860: Territory and Nationality (Claire Campbell, History, Bucknell University, 2014)

The Impact of Europeans on the North American Environment (Sean Kheraj, York University, 2013)

Canadian Environmental History (Daniel Macfarlane, History, Carleton University, 2012)

Nature, Culture and the Canadian Environment (Mark McLaughlin, History, University of New Brunswick, 2012)

Canadian Environmental History: Cities and Hinterlands (Sean Kheraj, History, York University, 2012)

The Impact of Europeans on the North American Environment (Carolyn Podruchny, History, York University, 2010)

Canadian Cultural Landscapes (Claire Campbell, Canadian Studies, Dalhousie University, 2008)

Environmental History of North America (Sean Kheraj, History, University of British Columbia, 2008)

North American Environmental History (Colin Coates and Susan Gray, York University and Arizona State University, 2008)

Also see the teaching page on Sean Kheraj’s website.


Library and Archives Canada Image Search. The image details page includes information on copyright and license holders.

McCord Museum Flickr Commons. You can search the McCord Museum collections here.

The Glenbow Museum is a great resource for Western Canadian material. Search its archive of 11,000+ photographs here.

The Northwest Territories Archives has albums of thematic material and albums of photographs by notable northern residents and visitors.

The National Archives UK Flickr Commons collection also includes albums of photos from Canada.

You can often find some interesting images using a Google search. The advanced search option gives you more control and includes the option of searching for photos without copyright restrictions.

The photos included in Wikipedia articles are another great resource, as most are licensed under Creative Commons. Click on an image in a Wikipedia article, and it will provide more information and give you the opportunity to download a higher resolution image.

Finally, you can use the Creative Commons Search to find images and videos that you can legally re-post on websites. It provides the option to search Flickr, Google or the Wiki Commons.


Check with your local map librarian. As some of the best digital resources are sometimes behind paywalls, you should start by investigating the collection at your home institution.

The University of Toronto has a good online map collection, and many of them are available to the public.

The Glenbow Museum also has a good online map collection, searchable here.

The David Rumsey Map Collection includes over 500 maps of Canada, and many more of the United States and other parts of the world.


The National Film Board “Green Channel” has a collection of relevant films online.

Request a Resource:

Educator Labs, a volunteer-based website, puts educators in touch with retired teachers/librarians.

Have you used any teaching resources not listed here? Drop us a line and let us know about them!

Student Resources

Who funds Environmental History & Historic Geography Students? /Où trouver de l’aide pour financer des études en histoire de l’environnement et la géographie historique environnementale?

Depending on your degree level / Le financement dépend de votre niveau d’études :

level / niveau Amount / montant Name of Award / Nom de la bourse Applications / Date limite Due Tenable At / Université:
National Level
M.A. / Maîtrise $17 500 SSHRC October/November (dates variable: contact your current school)
PhD / Doctorat $20 000 p.a. SSHRC October/November (dates variable: contact your current school)
PhD / Doctorat $40 000 p.a. Trudeau Foundation January (dates variable: contact your current school)
British Columbia
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
$20 000 Pacific Leaders October UBC, UVic, SFU, UNBC
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
$10 800 Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship Alberta Universities
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
Various Various University of Alberta
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
$12 000 (M.A.) $16 000 (PhD) University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship February U Manitoba
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
$5 000 Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association December U Manitoba
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
$5 000 – $15 000 OGS October (dates variable: contact your current school) Ontario Universities
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
$15 000 – $20 000 Fonds de recherche sur la culture et la société (FQRSC) octobre
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
$7 500 – $10 000 (1 an) Desjardins (FQRSC) décembre – mars
M.A. & PhD / Maîtrise et
$25 000 (1 an) Subvention Desjardins (FQRSC) décembre – avril
Prince Edward Island
PhD / Doctorat $15 000 I.O.D.E. War Memorial Doctoral Scholarship UPEI

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