Canadian History & Environment Summer School – Saskatoon 2007

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Event Date: May 26 2007 – May 27 2007
City: Saskatoon, SK
Country: Canada
wanuskawin-bisonIn 2007, we hosted a 2-day summer school on the environmental history of the prairie grasslands just prior to the Canadian Historical Association and Canadian Association of Geographers’ meetings in Saskatoon on May 26 and May 27. Focused on the environmental history of prairie grasslands, faculty members, graduate students, and independent scholars from across Canada rendezvoused at the University of Saskatchewan before traveling five kilometers north of the city to the Wanuskewin Heritage Park. Wanuskewin is a 240 hectare grassland preserve and indigenous interpretive centre. A total of 38 participants were treated to: an archaeological tour of Wanuskewin led by Dr. Ernest Walker; discussions on various prairie history topics, such as the role of fire or the destruction of the bison; a keynote address from Dr. Theodore Binnema titled, “A Pictorial Tour of 200-year-old Blackfoot and Gros Ventre Maps,” a fieldtrip to St. Denis National Wildlife Area hosted by Dr. Dan Pennock and Dr. Marley Waiser; a historical GIS presentation by Dr. Geoff Cunfer and some of his graduate students; and much more.


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