Popular Publishing Writer’s Guild

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These workshops sought to teach young academics how to branch out and reach broader publics. Publishing in the popular press – whether local newspapers or nationally-circulated magazines – is one way to communicate academic research and analysis to a wider audience. The workshops taught students skills that will help them get their messages out to a wider audience. Sessions at the workshop included writing attention-catching op-eds, press releases, and magazine queries.

To continue to foster these new skills, participants have been invited to join the Popular Publishing Writer’s Guild, where every five months, members are asked to draft a submission to an editor of a popular publication. The length, format and subject matter are optional; the goal is to support the dissemination of research by academics to a wider audience. The first round of submissions went underway at the end of October, 2009 and two subsequent rounds have been held with great results.

We hope to expand this group in the future, as well as to offer more, similar workshops so that knowledge learned in the academy can be spread to all Canadians.

Success Stories

We can’t claim that we were responsible for their publishing successes, but here are a list of workshop participant’s popular publications since attending:

We’ve also been able to convince a few participants to start a professional blog:

May there be many more!

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