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Everything, Everywhere, All at Once: The Oil Crises of the 1970s and the Transformation of the Postwar World 

Calgary | Banff | 14 March | 15 March | 16 March | 17 March

March 14th

Arrival In Calgary

11:00 Optional Introduction to the Imperial Oil Ltd. Fonds, Western Glenbow Research Centre, UCalgary, Kim Geraldi, Archivist

15:00 Optional Walking Tour “Calgary’s Energy History,” with Clint Tippett, Petroleum History Society (meet in the lobby of the Alt Hotel Calgary East Village)

17:30 Reception for Conference Participants, Calgary Central Library

18:00 Reception for All 

19:00 Public Talk by John R. McNeill (Georgetown): The Oil Crises and the Global Environment, 1973-2023

Welcome: Jim Ellis (Calgary Institute for the Humanities)

 Introduction: Petra Dolata (UCalgary)

March 15th

10:00-11:30 Transfer to Banff (please be in the lobby of the Alt Hotel Calgary East Village at 9:45am)

13:00 Registration at the Banff Centre

13:30 Welcome at the Banff Centre

14:00-15:30 Panel: Canada – Energy Nationalism

Sean Kheraj (Toronto Metropolitan University): The Sarnia-Montreal Pipeline: Energy Nationalism, Environmental Anxieties, and the Oil Crisis in 1970s Canada

Tammy Nemeth (ESG Insight, London): Dreams of OPEC North

Justin Fisher (University of Saskatchewan):  The ‘Trap of a Crisis Mentality’: Social Movement Responses to the Energy Crisis in Saskatchewan  

Chair: Tina Loo (University of British Columbia)  

16:00-17:30 Panel: Canada – Alberta

Paul Chastko (University of Calgary): Oil Sands Megaprojects, Labor and the ‘Energy Opportunity,’ 1966-1979

Jeffrey Manuel (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville): Calgary’s Old-Girl Oil Network: The Desk and Derrick Club, the 1970s Energy Crisis, and the Roots of Western Canada’s Oil Women

Hereward Longley (University of Alberta): Reshoring Oil’s Impacts: Bitumen Extraction, Indigenous Rights, and the Environment During 1970s Oil Crisis

Chair: Andrew Watson (University of Saskatchewan)                      

17:45 Reading by Jennifer McDougall (University of Calgary): Alberta Women at Work in Petroleum

18:30-21:00 Dinner Keynote by Elizabeth Chatterjee (Chicago): Everything All at Once: The Early 1970s Polycrisis in the Oil-Importing Global South 

Introduction: David Painter (Georgetown University)

March 16th

9-10:30 Panel: Global South

Williams Pokam Kamdem (University of Dschang, Cameroon) & Ludovic Njuh (Assane Seck University of Ziguinchor, Senegal)The 1973 Oil Crisis in Cameroon: Perceptions and Budgetary Implications

Gerardo Sánchez-Nateras (CIDE, Mexico): Venezuela, Mexico and the Energy Shock: Oil, Reform and Violence

Danalee Jahgoo (University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago): “From Rags to Riches”: How the 1973 Oil Crisis Transformed Post-Independent Trinidad and Tobago

Chair: Roberta Rice (University of Calgary) 

11:00-12:30 Panel: Political Participation & Activism

Julia Mead (University of Chicago): The 1970s Energy Crises and the Threat to Consumer Socialism in Czechoslovakia

Steve Milder (Groningen University, The Netherlands/Rachel Carson Center Munich, Germany) The Oil Crises and Crises of Democracy in Western Europe 

David Wight (University of North Carolina at Greensboro): The 1970s Oil Shocks, Petrodollar Recycling, and the Boom in Arab Students Attending Higher Education Institutions in the Anglophone West 

Chair: Sabrina Perić (University of Calgary)

14:00-15:30 Panel: Energy Visions

Jonathan Kuiken (Wilkes University, USA): Alternative Visions: The 1973 Oil Crisis and New Imagined Futures for British Energy

Cyrus Mody (Maastricht University, The Netherlands): The Revolving-Door Set: Oil, Environmentalism, and the Old and New New World Orders

Robert Lifset (University of Oklahoma): The Independents Strikes Back: The Energy Crisis of the 1970s and the Forging of a New Chapter in the Environmental History of the Oil Industry

Chair: David Painter (Georgetown University)   

16:00-18:00 Panel: New Relations

Marino Auffant (Johns Hopkins SAIS): The Forgotten Embargo: Afro-Arab Solidarity and the Oil Weapon in Southern Africa, 1973-1974

Maria Sole Barbieri (European University Institute, Italy): French and Italian Energy Strategies in the Aftermath of the Oil Shock: The Role of the EC and the International Energy Agency (1973-1975)

John Bowlus (Kadir Has University, Turkey): Oil Transit After the 1970s Oil Crises

Kazushi Minami (Osaka University, Japan): The Global Energy Crises and China’s Economic Statecraft, 1973-1979

Chair: Stephen J. Randall (University of Calgary) 

18:00-19:30 Dinner

March 17th

8:30-10:30 Panel: Environment/Energy Alternatives

Ciruce Movahedi-Lankarani (University of California, USA): Energy Opportunity: Oil Exports, Natural Gas, and Air Quality in 1970s Iran

Brian C. Black (Penn State Altoona, USA): Agents of Change: The 1970 Roots of Environmental Action Against Energy Consumption   

Victor McFarland (University of Missouri): The Technological Impact of the Oil Crises

Giordana Pulcini (Roma Tre University):  The Limits of Ambition:  The Italian Nuclear Civilian Program and the Oil Crises of the 1970s

Chair: Sean Kheraj (Toronto Metropolitan University)

11:00-12:30 Panel: Energy and the Public

Damiana Salm (Universität Freiburg, Germany): The Energy Crises and the Emergence of “Fuel Poverty” in 1970s Britain

Cecilia Pasini (Università di Torino, Università di Firenze, Italy): Was that a crisis? Industrial Adjustments and Ecological Claims in the Refinery Sector in Italy During the 1970s 

Sarah Klode (University of Bielefeld): The German Car Market and the Two Oil Crises: The Automotive Public in the Field of Tension bBetween the Car Industry, Politicians, Consumers, and Environmental Protection

Chair: Petra Dolata (University of Calgary)

13:00 – 14:30 Transfer to Calgary

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