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Sow - Copyright Zimbel
Sow in the Window, PEI 1972. © George S. Zimbel

"I can remember the first morning when we woke up...The nearest house was a quarter mile away down the hill and there was an empty field across from us and an empty house across the road...And there was our place and our fields that were growing over. And I just felt like I had landed on Mars."
~Rick Gibbs

Welcome to a site dedicated to the back-to-the-land movement on Prince Edward Island. There is a series of interviews of back-to-the-landers conducted by Ryan O’Connor in 2008. There is a single narrative history of the movement, by Alan MacEachern. And there is an opportunity for other back-to-the-landers, their children, or anyone else to contribute their own stories or photos about those days.

© Alan MacEachern & Ryan O’Connor, 2009. Photography © George S. Zimbel. A member project of NiCHE