The Migratory Salt-Cod Fishery

From about 1510 until 1904, migratory fishing crews from Brittany and Normandy built seasonal shore stations on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula, to salt and dry cod. This was how Europe first made use of North America, so this extraordinary region forms one of the oldest persistent European landscapes in Canada. More>

An Archaeology of the Petit Nord

This is a study of the landscape of the seasonal, shore-based, historic salt-cod fishery in northern Newfoundland. We are recording the archaeological remains of forgotten fishing stations and putting them in the context of documentary, cartographic and photographic evidence. More>


This website presents photographs of the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula, as a record of the surviving traces of the migratory salt-cod fishery. This visual record is organized by fishing harbour and fishing station, and enriched with photographs of the sites surveyed and the artifacts excavated. More>