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Commenting on site content

NiCHE encourages comments and constructive discussion of our articles. We reserve the right to delete comments that fail to meet the guidelines below, including comments made under aliases, or that contain spam, harassment, or attacks on an individual. In extreme cases or in the case of repeat offences, users may be banned from the site/commenting.

All comments submitted to the site will be reviewed by a NiCHE editor before they are published.

Our community of readers who participate in commenting agree to:

  1. Be respectful to everyone.
  2. Engage in constructive conversation that is relevant and on-topic.
  3. Refrain from posting any content that is harmful, offensive or abusive.
  4. Not post content that is illegal.
  5. Not post content that contains spam or content intended for the purposes of commercial promotion.

All readers who wish to submit comments must include a name and contact email address.

Commenting on site content is simple. There are two ways to comment: using your NiCHE WordPress account or using another social media account. It is recommended that you use your NiCHE WordPress account as your comment will be directly connected to your profile rather than to a social media account.

If you are logged in: Scroll to the bottom of a post you want to comment on, enter your comment and click on ‘post comment’. It will automatically be attributed to/connected to your account.

If you are not logged in: Scroll to the bottom of a post you want to comment on, enter your comment. You will need to provide identification credentials of some sort, so either provide information in the ‘email, name, website’ field OR use your WordPress, Facebook, or Google+ account. When you’ve provided the credentials, click on ‘Post Comment’. All comments are held for moderation by a site administrator.