Introducing NiCHE Conversations

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I am happy to announce a new NiCHE initiative: NiCHE Conversations!

NiCHE Conversations will be 10-20 minute casual conversations with NiCHE contributors about their NiCHE contributions. These conversations will build upon an author’s blog post(s). In these conversations I will ask contributors to reiterate ideas, more fully flesh out their research or writing process, connect the post to broader issues and fields of thought, speak to the personal aspects of their research, and more!

These conversations will take place on Instagram Live, and will be available after the live recording on our IGTV channel, Facebook, and the Nature’s Past YouTube channel. This project is a work in progress, and I hope to gain more technical prowess and on-camera ease as I conduct more interviews.

As of today, we have recorded four NiCHE Conversations, ranging from agricultural history, to coastal history, to HGIS, to social media writing. Many thanks to these four individuals for agreeing to be the first participants in this new venture. Please take some time to listen and learn from these brilliant scholars:

NiCHE Conversations 1.1. Women’s Culinary Labour and Tobacco Farming with Dr. Rebecca Beausaert

NiCHE Conversations 1.2: Canadian Coastal History with Dr. Sara Spike

NiCHE Conversations 1.3: The Draining of Midwest Landscapes with Dr. John Baeten

NiCHE Conversations 1.4: Social Media as Academic Writing Practice with Dr. Jessica McDonald

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Jessica DeWitt is a historian of the American and Canadian environment, editor, and digital communications strategist. She is an editor and social media editor for NiCHE.

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