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Palaces, Forbidden City, Beijing

希望: A Postcard from China

Lang Kou was until a few years ago a tiny, traditional country village on the banks of China’s winding Lushui River. It was most likely the village’s picturesque quality, its […]


Teaching Media Literacy Through Environmental Disaster: The Kalamazoo River Oil Spill

As we entered the Age of Trump, university educators justifiably questioned what they could do in the classroom to address the “post-truth” state of North American public discourse. Opinion pieces made […]

Lawrence J. Burpee, “Trading Posts and Canoe Routes,” [1:27,000,000] An Historical Atlas of Canada (Toronto: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1927), Map 64.

“Teaching EH: Canada in Context” series launched

Just in time for the new school year! The journal Environmental History has launched Teaching Environmental History: Canada in Context, an open-access series of 8 teaching modules containing resources aimed to help university, […]

Robert Harris, Canoe Cove (1879)

Violence and Idealism in Environmental History: A Teacher’s Dilemma

You picked the one strain of history that doesn’t involve violence. My partner said this to me last spring during one of our many conversations about the academy and our […]