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"Hippies Welcome at Heron Rocks." There is debate locally whether this was meant ironically.

Introducing “Canadian Countercultures and the Environment”

We’ve invited the editors of the six new titles in the Canadian History & Environment series at University of Calgary Press to introduce the book they’ve edited. In this post, […]

“L’écureuil suisse, nommé dans le pays, pua ouingout." Louis Nicolas, The Codex Canadensis, 1675-82 (detail).
Public domain via Wikimedia

Who Was the King of Beasts in New France?

Editor’s note: This is the third in a joint series of posts on early Canadian environmental history by The Otter~La loutre and Borealia. The entire series is available here. Some species […]


Trading Consequences’ Maiden Voyage

For the past two years, the “Trading Consequences” team has been hard at work exploring how to get computers to read to historical sources and to visualise the results in […]


ASEH 2013 in Toronto

For a few days in early April, Toronto was at the epicentre of environmental history exchange. Around 600 delegates from six continents and 20 countries joined Canadian colleagues at theAmerican […]

Landscapes Project Goals / Objectifs du chantier paysages

[français suite] This sub-group of the NiCHE project exists to encourage reflection on the environmental history of common and public landscapes. Since the publication of Garrett Hardin’s essay on the […]