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Five-and-a-Half Things I Learned Teaching My First Course

I’m part of the relative minority of academics who chose the academy because they want to teach. I went to graduate school without a clear picture of what historians do […]

“North Stars Flieth Here:” On Maps and Humour in Environmental History

In June 1953, Trans Canada Air Lines’s Advertising Department debuted a new in-flight information packet. Available to every passenger on every TCA aircraft, this packet was likely seen by over one […]

"A.E.A. Silver Dart," by Robert Bradford. Source: Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

An Environmental History of Canada’s First Flight

February 23 is National Aviation Day in Canada. This year, Canadian aviation turns 107, but the story of Canada’s first controlled powered flight has been carefully crafted and curated since […]


Summer Days in Winter Months: “Snowbirding” as Time Travel

This winter, Canadians will continue their long tradition of flocking to warm-weather destinations. A record 3.7 million Canadian “snowbirds,” a popular term since the 1960s, visited Florida in 2013, the […]


Is it Cold in Canada? Three Ways to Answer

There’s something about autumn in Oklahoma. The leaves change from crunchy brown to even crunchier brown, the temperature drops to a mere 25° C, and I begin to encounter my […]


Aerial Views from TCA’s Vickers Viscount

Canada, as we all know, is really really big, and its sheer big-ness is often hard to scale down to something understandable. Southern Canadians, as Northern Studies scholars like to […]